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Thread: I don't have a Neogamma Channel. (4.3)

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    I don't have a Neogamma Channel. (4.3)

    I used the SoftMod 4.3 Guide. My friend was telling me I need a neogamma channel, I don't see it anywhere in the guide except at the bottom where it tells me I need it. I'm not sure how to find it or where to get it. Any help would be great. Thank you.

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    It's the one I used. It says I can install the DarkCorp thing to load from the Game Channel, but the DL link is broken.

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    check Mauifrog's SoftMod Any Wii !

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    When in the tutorial is the neogamma channel downloaded/installed. I'm having a hard time finding this. I've already done every step in the guide, I do not have a neogamma channel.

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    It should be installed along the other wad files to your wii when using the modpack and MMM etc.
    you looked on the second page of your channel listing/systemmenu? maybe first one is so crowded?
    If you want to reinstall a channel for neogamma find your wad folder and see if a neogamma.wad (or similar name) is in it, you can run MMM and install this single file again, channel should show up.

    you can also check this guide/thread (Latest Neogamma) with the latest release, either to install the channel or get the app to run via hbc.
    good luck

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    I figured it out. Thank you though.

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    let me unzip Mauifrog's MODPak and take a look what's in. sorry, not sure if Neogamma was included.

    edit: yup, i unzipped Mauifrog's MODPak and found:
    Neogamma CHANNEL r8 Auto Mod-NEOG.wad (size 2,558KB)
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