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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy Crash from USB Loader GX

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    Us Super Mario Galaxy Crash from USB Loader GX

    Wii System Version 4.1U (NTSC)
    Homebrew Channel 1.0.8 IOS61 v19.26
    USBLoader GX Rev874c IOS249 (Rev 14) (Taken from Credits Screen)

    The issue I am having is with Super Mario Galaxy, when running from a DVD the issue does not happen, when running from USB Loader GX it does. Within the first two minutes of the gaming whilst approaching the Princess Peach's castle the game goes to a black screen and I have to hard reset my Wii.

    My work around was to get past that point on the DVD, save and then boot from the hard drive thereafter (playing from DVD causes the cutscenes framerate to dive). I'd continue but of course am afraid another cutscene will do this later on in the game.

    Is this a common issue with people? I've tried a few different ISO versions, PAL and NTSC. And other titles do work without issue.

    The only relevant google search result was this user having the same issue. Issue 683 - usbloader-gui - Blank Screen on Super Mario Galaxy - Project Hosting on Google Code - Their response I don't think helps me now with the current software versions. I'm new to Wii and all of this. If anyone could help me out I'd really appreciate it.

    SOLUTION: As it turned out the game had to have a setting changed in USB Loader GX to Boot in ISO233. 249 appears to work for some, if you're having this issue just run through them all. Thanks everyone in this post for the help.
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    Your cIOS is rev 14, we recommend to use rev17.

    follow this guide to get updated and try again:
    4.1E | Bootmii as boot2 | Priiloader 0.7b | configurable USB loader V62-222 | Hermes v4 | Hermes v5.1 | Wanin v20

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    Quote Originally Posted by ganoderma
    Your cIOS is rev 14, we recommend to use rev17.

    follow this guide to get updated and try again:
    Thanks. I'll give it a shot tomorrow and report back.

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    I followed the steps precisely and it does say I'm running rev17, but the issue still happens. Maybe I'll have to try some other ISOs again.

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    did u rip the ISO from the original disc or from your dvd-r copy ?
    i would get iso from the original, rather

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    Install the game to your harddrive with USB Loader GX using your original copy. If that doesn't fix it, you could try Hermes' IOS222 (v4), 223 (v4) or 224 (v5.1).

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    I think your problem might be with GX itself. GX is no longer an active project and has some bugs. Rev17 is recomended, but a game that old should run no problems even with rev14. I would consider checking out Wiiflow or CFG

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    If memory serves, USB Loader GX was abandoned by the developer, taken up by third party, and then the original developer began working on it again (yeah, it's a confusing subject, LOL).

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    Translation: Use wiiflow or cfg, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkmail View Post
    Translation: Use wiiflow or cfg, lol
    Just tried WiiFlow with the NTSC and PAL versions. Same issue. Will try CFG next I suppose.
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