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Thread: Softmod 4.3 without DVD - Have saved games

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    Softmod 4.3 without DVD - Have saved games

    My DVD drive has gone out and while I am trying to repair it, I am trying to see if I can softmod it so I can load from a hard drive.

    I have both the games called for in the hack, but of course my DVD drive isn't working. Is there anyway to use my existing saved games to get the softmod working without the DVD drive?

    I suspect not, but it wasn't clear to me from the guide.


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    Nope. You need to actually run the game. Sorry.

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    OK thanks, that's what I figured. The ironic thing is I was just about to get started doing the softmod when the DVD failed.

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    What's it doing or not doing? Some times they just need a good cleaning.

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    When the drive is inserted, it just buzzes for half a second when it should spin the drive, then nothing. I tried cleaning the lens but same thing. Reading around it sounded like either the motor or laser. I figured since I was in there I may as well replace both since they are pretty cheap. Same thing. Swapped out each independently (new motor old laser, new laser old motor) same thing. Even exchanged the parts thinking one or both may be bad, same thing.

    So right now I guess Im changing the whole DVD drive unit or the whole Wii. Id definitely love to hear if someone has another option that will save me some cash.


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    Have you looked at the WODE....Wii optical disc emulator?? it will let u read any game from hard drive so u can do the hacks on whatever version of the wii menu.. but u need to dl the games u need for those me it works...I have used it to do the indiana jones hack....either way if u have a wode u can play any game u have saved to ur hd.... they are only 70-80$.... with all the games available for download...its more than worth it

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    Never even heard of it, I'll have a look.

    I was able to get this resolved. I had a friend that generously loaned me
    his wii and let me rip it apart and use his DVD drive to hack mine. That worked
    great, now mine is hacked, ripped all my games to a hard drive and Im good to

    So thankfully I was able to get this done without buying a DVD drive.
    Still not sure how to deal with GameCube games, but other than that, this
    has been a big improvement.


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