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    some reason i keep getting a cant open directory usb:\wiisx\isos

    i have a usb drive and it has a fat32 partition.

    n64/ snes/ and gameboy emulator both read the usb drive just fine.

    not sure why wiisx is giving me so much trouble

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    Does USB:\wiisx\isos exist on your usb drive? I don't think it will create it for you.

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    i just tested my n64 emu and it also not working :/ when it used to be. it has to be an isos i updated which was provided by usbloadergx. all my other stuff still read my usb like. wiimc/nes/gameboy/snes/wiiexplorer/usbloadergx.

    so i have to imagine it has to be some isos that wii64 and wiisx use to use since they both made by the same person.

    ok after doing alot of google serach apparently i have isos 58 which wii64 and wiisx isnt compatible with but i also have 202 installed? so why isnt it reading from 202 :/
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    I had the exact same problem: WiiSX wasn't reading from my USB drive. Fortunately, I came across lovewiibrew's thread about the issue: You guys need to download the USB 2.0 mods of WiiSX and Wii64. Not only will they be able to load from your drives once again, but they're considerably faster. Check lovewiibrew's thread to get the mods.

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    Do I just have to add the apps in the apps folder from the wiisx file you posted into the SD card apps folder and it should work?

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    What Wiisx do you use??
    What version is your wii??
    and what ios did you install for it?
    Im no pro, just a 40 year old good n00b, i had problems with beta 2 and 2.1 they did not load from my sd card, i know its not a usb but the load is the same.
    Beta1 did work for me.
    Maybee this can help.
    I have softmod on a 4.3E system.


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