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Thread: USB loading problem.

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    USB loading problem.

    Guys i would like to ask some help in using USB loader. I already formated by external drive and loaded one game. I partition into 2. One is my preexisting NTSF format and the other is WBFS. I loaded mario cart so far i can see that is detected by the wii console. But i play the game it only says waiting for game to load. I was succefull for the 4G USB. But the 500G that i partition is having some problem. I would like to ask with regards to compatibility issue does that means detection problem of other problem as well. Please advice. Thank you

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    Is your WBFS partition pri and active?
    What rev. of cIOS249 are you using? r14, r17, r20?
    Which USB loader and version are you using? usb loader gx, uloader, cfg usb loader or?
    Did you check the "USB compability list"?
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    It is not primary as this is my old external drive. I already have some pre existing file. So i partition my drive to 2. One is my orginal file NTFS format and the other my newly formated WBFS format where i put my mario kart game. I dont know how to know my cIOS249 rev number. I follow mauifrog guide in softmod my wii. I think that my external drive is compatible for the reason that i can be detected not like my other 120G hardrive which cannot be detected. I dont know how my game cannot work. I tested my friend external drive so far it can work on wiiflow but for usb loader it cannot work. Please kindly advice. Thank you


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