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Thread: Wii hdd troubles please help

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    Wii hdd troubles please help

    I have done alot of reading and am currently mind screwed and looking for some help. I have softmoded my wii using the files and guides ion this fourm and am stuck. I can burn and play downloaded then burned games however to avoid the pain of burning I have tried the HDD method and am now stuck. I have a 500 GIG HDD that is compatible partitioned in to 2 partions one 300 gig FAT32 WiiDDD just active partion and a 200 gig WBFS partition using WBFS manager 3. I have the homebrew chanel and usb loader and Mii load installed on my wii but Can't see the HDD at all. I have copied 2 game .ISO files to the Wii partion and 1 WBFS ISO on the WBFS partion and I can see noting what am I doing wrong.

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