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Thread: virgin 4.2 wii freezing after SD button click

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    virgin 4.2 wii freezing after SD button click

    Hello. Yep new with wii hacking. Version stated in top right corner 4.2
    Firstly, my SD icon is found by 1st hitting the bottom left round wii button, then find in wii channels and finally at the top right side of black screen. I feel like I'm not using the correct guide or software.I used the tutorial listed at this site for "full hack for 4.2 menu systems, stating it would work for virgin 4.2.
    Uh, well following it step by step, up to clicking on the sd card freezes up. I can then only "unplug" wii and then it's ok again. I tried this twice. I used the files suggested, which is
    Hack pack 4.2 sys menu 16012010. SD card is 2BG sandisk formatted fat32. I would have continued to read after the tutorial, but there is near 800 pages. Can someone please advise? Thx, DM
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    Found out my kid had the tv pic sized so I didn't see the sd card symbol on wii menu. My bad. So far so good, but without apps on homebrew channel.


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