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Thread: Thick newb!!

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    Thick newb!!

    I've had a wii for years modded with a cyclowii chip. Never had any probs, burnt the disks (Verbatim DVD-R), games played fine, if it mentioned system update, I hit the ok button and away we went again. I once had to burn an update disc, which I did and that was fine too.

    Recently got a new wii, same guy put in a D2pro (or similar DC2pro, summat like that). Put disc in, did the system updates. Old games are fine, new games just have a black screen.

    I've read all this stuff on softmodding in this forum, but I've never done anything like that before. All the D2Pro info on here seems to point to the d2pro site which appears to be down, so I have no idea whether I need to update the chip, where to go for the update or what to do in general. Please help!!

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    to give you some idea what to look for.
    Running original games via discchannel or backups using a modchip is IOS dependet and does not rely on your systemmenu version.
    How to update specific IOS needed by a game is covered in this guide by mauifrog: LINK
    You should consider having a softmod alongside your chip, some basics can be found linked below.
    Again updates are not needed (only for your chips firmware, wait for the site to be up again and check there if one is available) to run a game, there are even measures to block updates, namely Priiloader.
    Hope you get your games running sooner or later.
    good luck

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