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Thread: Your Shape Camera issue!!

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    Your Shape Camera issue!!

    Hi all im new but i have a hacked 4.1e wii its softmodded but when i bought it it came with a chip installed. Anyway i bought your shape and it isnt working. When i load it off disc channel it just gives a black screen but when i load at the neogamma channel it gets as far as the strap menu then goes on to give a message saying "USB camera error please switch off wii" with a black background, i bought for my younger sister for her birthday and she's really annoyed it wont work any advice? cheers all

    EDIT: iVE JUST NOTICED IT NEEDS AN update which i wont do so to avoid bricking my wii but as far this site says it needs IOS58 to run can sum1 please tell me where to get it as TBH i dont trust the other site so can someone please supply me with instruction of how to get and install IOS58
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    Umm abd by the way according to some newbie thread on here this is only a driver update so even if you do have the actual 4.2 system menu it wont work unless i get the IOS needed or update using disc can someone please reply and tell me what to do i got the game for like 20 pounds and the store said youre not allowed to return as i opened the wrapper please help!!

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    You'll need to update the IOS needed by the game to run it via the Disc Channel. To do so, follow this guide.

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    this might also help IOS update for hardmods

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    cheers it worked thanks


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