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Thread: Dump/rip Samurai Warriors 3/Sakura Wars

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    Dump/rip Samurai Warriors 3/Sakura Wars


    I've got the original discs of Samurai Warriors 3 and Sakura Wars and want to dump to my HDD using GX loader but it won't let me saying 'can't open disc' even though the games play fine on the Wii itself.

    I've never had a problem with any disc doing this before has anyone come across this before and does anyone have a solution?


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    What version of GX? I believe others like WiiFlow allow for rip to disc functions, and likely others.

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    Very latest version of GX as I've checked for updates via the settings menu

    I realise that Wiiflow and others have options to rip discs however that wasn't my problem as I've been able to rip in excess of 100 discs to my HDD I'm not new to WiiFlow/GX Loader my question is specific to these two titles!


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