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Thread: Best Modchip Help.

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    Smile Best Modchip Help.

    i need Help , Tired of Softmodding and ready to buy a Chip !

    i want a chip with these features on it :;

    Able to Play online

    Able to Update the Console without any damages or Bricks

    Not Detected by "N"

    play all Games especially New Games like Sonic Colours e.t.c.

    easy to install not wired like sick PS2 Modchips (facepalm)

    and last and the Important thing that it wont brick/damage/burn the Wii..

    thats all , just give me the name of the Modchip and where To buy .

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    If you have a 4.3 Wii, you won't be able to play out of region games. This would require a partial softmod to downgrade to 4.1; you didn't mention anything along these lines, but thought worth mentioning as a heads-up.

    Your post suggests your an X-Box fanboy, lol.

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    Buy a WODE, it's undetectable, it's almost impossible to brick your Wii with it and you can update your Wii to the latest firmware if you want to.

    I have one, it's expensive but it worth every penny.

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    Agreed with Toxicity.It's a great Chip,And is easy to install yourself. And great support to.


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