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Thread: Ocarina thing....

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    Ocarina thing....

    I havnt really used it, due to me not knowing what it really is. From what I figure, its sort of like gameshark.

    How do I use it? and where do I get codes for mario galaxy?

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    It is somewhat like GameShark but better. When you have it, there will be code manager which will hold all the codes. There are lists of codes all over, just google them.

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    it's an app that runs cheat codes. you put a folder on your sd card with a file in it containing the cheats you want to use and then when you run the specified game it implements the cheats automatically. Hope that made some sense. lol

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    get code manager
    go to a site like usb gecko
    find out the game ID *usually i just download from usbgecko*
    it will be named the games ID so RUUE01.txt *animal crossing city folk*
    then click file > open text in code manager
    youll see the codes in italics and a box next to them
    click the box if you want them or not
    to add a code
    click the bottom add a code name
    then in the top right big box, add the code
    then click one of the other codes and it should ask something just say yes
    and you can use it now
    then once you finsh grab your sd card
    put it in wait for it to load
    export in gct
    export to the SD card
    it will put it named as the game ID in this case RUUE01.gct in the "cheats" folder
    do the usual stuff for homebrew
    boot the game in Ocarina and youll have cheats :3

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    Ok so I downloaded the code manager, and found the codes I want, i added the code manager app to my sd card......where and how to I stick the codes on to my sd card?

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    use the code manager program to export to your sd card and it will be in the right spot

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    It worked

    I also tried using the ocarina for zelda, i siarted a new game and put on a few cheats left the area and it went black but i could still everything...then the game crashed.

    I <3 homebrew + ocarina

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    some codes do that, or ruin saves, so you got to be careful a good example is full muse in AC, which corrupts any save on the box reguardless

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    Thanks for the heads up admiral victorinox ^_^

    Hey so does this work for backups too?

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    Yes it will work for your backups

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