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Thread: Menu 4.3u, Smash Stack freezes while waiting for "Press 1 button to continue"

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    Menu 4.3u, Smash Stack freezes while waiting for "Press 1 button to continue"

    Hey guys. I've posted here before and got lots of help but never actually successfully modded this particular wii. My situation is a bit unique so i am going to copy and paste some information about my problem from an older post.

    "Hey guys I am helping a buddy softmod his Wii. We got the Home Brew Channel installed using hackmii installer 0.7. That was step one and we encountered a problem on step two. We did not have the internet set up and this was required for step two. We set up the internet and re-tried step two but kept getting an error message like "title already found, are you sure didn't do this already?" We are sure step two did not get done and we tried moving on without it but could not. We decided to call it a day and try another time since the HBC was working (both NES and SNES emulators and games were running perfectly but WAD's would not install with the WAD Manager)
    Since then the Wii Menu was accidentally updated to ver 4.3 (he is not exactly sure how this happened). I have been reading through the site and FAQs and it seems the only way around this is the Smash Stack exploit or a similar method with LEGO Indiana Jones. I own an original copy of Smash Brothers but the Wii requires a system updated to play the game. I have read that can brick the Wii."

    Since then, we could not get anything else to work so he updated his Wii via the Smash Brother NTSC original copy so we could try the Smash Stack Exploit.
    He updated successfully but since then I have tried everything in my knowledge to get the Smash Exploit to work, but every time it freezes at the "THIS SOFTWARE MUST NOT BE SOLD" screen while waiting for the "Press 1 button to continue" to come up (I am not sure if it actually freezes but the option to press 1 has never come up. I have tried waiting more than an hour and i have tried more than 7 times using different hack packs and files but no luck so far. Can anyone help me with this? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
    PS: We actually manually deleted the HBC before we tried the Smash Stack exploit.. We were that confident it would work. I know now that was a terrible decision.

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    If this is by following mauifrog's guide, any particular reason you felt the need to post it out-of-thread?

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    Sorry I read the forum rules months ago and only briefly skimmed them over before posting. I did follow mauifrog's guide and tried others as well before posting my problem. What should I do? Close the thread and copy and paste it into mauifrog's 4.3 Softmod Guide? I seem to remember something in the rules about copying and pasting. Would that be allowed in this situation? I apologize again for the newb mistake.

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    Hey sorry again. I read the rules again but cant figure out how to close this thread before i re-post into maifrog's 4.3 softmod guide. Can you close it for me? I don't want to re-post until I close this thread.

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