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Thread: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11: Strange Issue

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    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11: Strange Issue

    I just finished softmoding my 4.2u black Wii and have been able to play the majority of backups without any problems.

    Now for my issue, the Wii remote included with my system has the motion plus attachment. I decided to try it out with a backup copy of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11u. The game loads fine through Configurable USBloader, but I am unable to swing the golf club within any part of the game (tournaments, multi player, mini golf, etc.). All other buttons work fine, and the game even recognizes when I press the B button to initiate a swing, but the golf club fails to move. I have tried recalibrating the remote within the game, removing the motion plus attachment, as well as re syncing and adjusting the calibration in the Wii system menu, all of which failed to correct the issue. The strangest aspect of the problem is that I am able to manipulate the disc within disc golf without any difficulty. I attempted to conduct a search for any previous posts regarding this issue and found nothing. I'm not sure where to go from here, so any help by those with more knowledge of the Wii softmod process than myself would be appreciated.

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    The first question that comes to mind is, is the remote you are using an original Nintendo remote or is it an after market? Sometimes the after market remotes have issues. You could try a different load and see if it acts the same way.

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    Thanks for the quick response. The controller is a first party Nintendo peripheral, included as part of a bundle which I just purchased. I have also tried to load the game with Configurable USB Loader, WiiFlow and Neogamma R8. The game loads correctly with all three, but the problem exists with each as well.

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