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Thread: need help with formating

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    need help with formating

    Ok so i have an external hard-drive which i wanted to put a few games on... so i formated as WBFS useing WBFS manager... and it worked... but when i tried to add more games it wouldn't detect my hard drive... being the idiot i am i re-formatted the hard drive... and after that didnt work i found out that all i had to do was re-set the drive letter... well now that i got the drive working again i tried to format it back into WBFS so that i could put the games on it but WBFS manager gives me an error message "An error occurred wile trying to format the drive" i tried running it in compatibility, etc... (im running Windows 7 x64)

    TL/NR: WFBS Manager isnt working, is there another program i can use to format my hard drive?

    (I hope this is in the right section...)

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    so you are setting it up right now, thats good.
    already figured it out ?
    follow the USB loading guide
    or the FAT32loading guide linked below (also includes other programs which can be used, go for wiigamemanager for example)

    a short Hello in the Introduction section would have given you some useful links.

    <--suggestions helped? press Thanks

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    thanks for your help... but i guess i didn't explain my situation very well... i set up the wii already... and so far the only game i tried was CoD Black Ops (it sucks... but that is another story...) that game, along with many others i found, require cIOS-224 (because it allows for faster USB) now i have all that configured etc... etc... etc... my problem is when i try to format my hard disk with MBFS it tells me an error occurred during formatting (i tried asking the MBFS help section but that havent been used since 2009... i just found another program called WII Backup Manager... this software lets me format with different file systems... NTFS, FAT32, or MBFS... i tried MBFS but it also didn't work... so i wondered it the hard drive was faulty... i had all ready ran a few test... so i just tried to format it as something else... much to my surprise it can be formatted in any file system except MBFS...

    i know that it will work on my wii if i use FAT32 (and cIOS-222) but that seems like too much work for me (i am a lazy person) besides... i REALLY want to know WHY my hard drive denies ONLY MBFS...

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    ok so i am completely baffled... it wasn't working and out of mad rage i just kept clicking retry and hitting it and after like 20 tries it just worked... i don't even know...


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