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Thread: Not sure what I am doing wrong with backup launcher Gamma

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    Not sure what I am doing wrong with backup launcher Gamma

    If someone can help I would really appreciate it. I got my wii a couple nights ago and knew nothing about anything in regards to it. I got home and it prompted me to upgrade and retard me upgraded to 3.4. I have since gotten everything to work fine. Wad manager, HBC, all my wads etc.

    The only trouble I am having is getting the backup channel to work and I keep getting the DVD read error 324. The backup launcher loads fine but it wont read any back ups. I have followed many many faqs and guides to get the backup launcher installed and to burn the games and followed everything to the T. I have also read I may need to downgrade my firmware to 3.2.

    So I have followed all the instructions on downgrading and have followed them very closwely and ran the downgrader. It did its business and said everything was ok and reset the wii and I am still on 3.4. I am lost and dont know what I am doing wrong so if I can get any help it would be appreciated. I just want the backup launcher to work and really dont care what firmware im on. I also tried to use Waninkoko menu patcher and someone elses menu booter and still nothing.

    I have a NTSC console if that helps

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text.

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    You can follow my tutorial posted, you can start at the step that says cIOS Downgrader. This requires a good internet connection and this will help you downgrade to firmware 3.2 in which case starfall is a good idea to install as well.


    This is NOT required to solve your problem.. The error you are receiving is related to the media you are using.. Either you are using DVD +R which this error occurs most often for, or your wii just really doesnt like your media.

    Try one of the following:

    Try burning in ImgBurn. If you DO have DVD+R make sure it is booktyped to DVD-ROM

    If your media is DVD-R dont worry about the Booktyping. But make sure that you dont have a lot of other programs running in the background while you do your burn. This means close internet explorer, possibly turn off your antivirus temporarily, whatever it takes.

    If neither of those works, pick up some DVD -R media with a different brand. Verbatim seems popular but I think in general just pick up any other brand to try with and go from there. If those dont work, return them and try again

    I use memorex, so it really doesnt have to be a 'brand' name
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    you are a life saver I have been trying to find a solution everywhere. I changed the booktype in imgburn, or so it says anyway, but it also says Unknown (No way to query current settings!) even when I change the booktype to DVD-Rom. It will say sucessful when I change but will still burn as a DVD+R media. So if I just use DVD-r it will work fine? And when you say DVD-R media thats just a dvd-r disk right? Sorry for so many questions but im a noob.
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    Got it working I went and bought some dvd-r memorex disks and that did the trick. thanks for your help. Is there a way to close this thread?

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