I am excited to announce that the Yellow Wood Goblin has started to branch out with official support of the R4iDSN. The R4iDSN is an almost identical clone of the AK2i, speculated to be an unofficially released OEM design. The team who is currently releasing software updates for this card have contacted YWG and asked for proper Wood support. He has agreed and the first release is now available for download. Users many notice that the R4iDSN page currently hosts the R4iDS Gold's unofficial Wood Firmware. No official word has been released on if the R4iDSN team currently manufactures both cards, which could mean possible official Wood support for both kits. We would like to know if your R4iDS Gold runs the R4iDSN official Wood update. Be sure to post your comments, questions, and discussion via the link below.

Additionally, we would like to announce that the release of Wood 1.17 is not far off, and when it is ready GBATemp will be your exclusive news source!

R4 clone makers should pay attention as YWG would like to add the following statement to this news post.
"Support of any R4 clone is possible. I only ask that you contact me and offer testing samples and protocol descriptions"

This statement is for R4 firmware teams and Flash Kit manufactures only, please do not contact YWG and offer to send your R4 clone.
Source- GBAtemp