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Thread: What am I doing wrong ??

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    What am I doing wrong ??

    The time has come...I hate asking but i've searched everywhere have evry guide and every single file I need....but I still have to ask the question

    I've installed HBC 9, Downgraded to Firmware version 3.2E and insatlled both Backup Launcher & Wii Gator wad (using WAD Manager v1.3).

    The problem is I now have no ideas what CIOS I have installed or even if some are missing. Is there a list of CIOS that I should have installed and how do i tell what I have installed so far?? Will I brick my wii if I try and install Wad's in the wrong order or try and install them twice? - Its confusing

    I still haven't managed to play an actual bkup because of DVD read error 234 !!

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    I had this error for days and found out its because I was using dvd+r and not dvd-r. I made a copy on a dvd-r and have had no problems since. If there is anymore problems let me know and ill see if I can help you further.

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    if you have +r's you can make the book type -r and it usually helps

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    quick update

    Thanks for the input guys - I'd kind of read up on this and was already using DVD-R's this is why I had no option but to post. Anyhoo....

    ....I'd got to the point where I thought I had everything installed and then went away with work for a week, So when I got back was clueless as to where I was upto.

    It turns out that I must have forgotten to install a CIOS or and IOS (not sure which) as when I re-installed each of them from the using WAD Manager and then re-ran CIOS updater (V7) my problem went away.

    So i'm still none the wiser as to whether you need to install them in a specific order (but I'm pretty sure I had installed one or two of them before in order to get downgrader & wad manager working.)

    Anyhow - I'm up and running. My next mission is to try and discover if the wii needs to have the internet channel & be connected to a network in order to use twilight hack & back-up launcher (my Bro wants his doing now - and he has none of these things)

    Thanks guys


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