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Thread: Configurable USB Loader V6.0 Issue--no games found!!!

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    Configurable USB Loader V6.0 Issue--no games found!!!

    I have a softmod v4.2u and HBC is v1.08. The disc channel with SoftChipR102, and NeoGamma R8 Beta 15 has been installed as well, they are working fine.
    However, when I try to install the CFG USB Loader v6.0, it’s hard to get it to work, I follow the tutorial ( too much external guides links ) to install IOS236, IOS249 and IOS222/223 without any problem, and than setting the IOS222 as default, started up CFG USB Loader 6.0 in HBC, the loader could find the USB HDD and the NTFS1 partition, but it couldn’t find .ISO files which located in the wbfs folder.
    I have 500GB iomega Passport HDD and 500GB iomega External desktop HDD, the compatibility have been checked, both have tried with NTFS format and .ISO files within the wbfs folder, unlucky, got same results: no games found!!!
    Than I formatted the 16GB fresh USB drive to wbfs partition and convert the .ISO files (same as in the HDD) to .wbfs files by WBFSManager3.0.1, setting IOS249 as default, started the CFG USB Loader6.0 again, only one file could be recognized by the Loader which is Naruto Shippuden Ryujinki[Wii][NTSC-J], the others(Bionicle Heroes Wii USA, Naruto Clash Of Ninja Revolution 2 [NTSC], Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes[NTSC], etc.) are found by the Loader is: “ not wii games “, I burned Naruto Shippuden Ryujinki[Wii][NTSC-J] to the disc that’s unable to play in the disc channel, but the others are no any problems, just opposite, I know there is something wrong, is there any nice people can help me out? That will be much appreciated.
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    I know there is something wrong
    Sorry but you ask for suggestions on other not working guides?
    you really want to stick to ntfs loading? you might want to try out the FAT32 loading guide linked below.
    You know this site for such a long time but don't use the softmod guides here? maybe you want to run through the softmod any wii guide linked below to ensure you got everything needed. Also raises the chances to get help with your issues.
    Softchip is kind of outdated. Here is Krank's Guide: Installing CFG Loader
    Try to wrap up your issues, a syscheck might also help

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    hi vinatec, thanks for your quick reply. I'd like to stick to ntfs loading.


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