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Thread: [ADVANCED] How To Install DIOS MIOS

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    [ADVANCED] How To Install DIOS MIOS


    This tutorial will help you setup DIOS MIOS which will allow you to load Gamecube games from a USB device. This tutorial is long, make sure to read carefully. Make sure to read EVERYTHING.

    [SPOILER=0. Things To Note]
    1. DIOS MIOS is in early stages of development, as a result, it is buggy and has low game capability for now.
    2. Anything done to your console is at your own risk!
    3. If I mess up anything or do anything wrong please let me know as its hard for me to confirm the SNEEK stuff since my Wii has been bricked for some time now with no way of repairs. So things might be slightly off.
    4.. To make it easier for people in the future, I might compile DIOS MIOS or make .bat scripts.

    [SPOILER=1. Things Needed]
    1. Computer running Windows XP/Vista/7
    2. Wii with BootMii installed (boot2 or iOS)
    3. mIOSInject 0.2 (Download Here)
    4. DiscEX 0.6 (Download Here)
    5. ShowMiiWads (Download Here)
    6. NUSDownloader (Download Here)
    7. SNEEKY Compiler (Download Here)

    [SPOILER=2. Decrypting and Unpacking Your NAND Backup]
    a. Place your nand.bin and keys.bin files in a folder on your computer.
    b. Open ShowMiiWads.exe that you downloaded earlier.
    c. Go to Tools -> Create Common-Key
    d. When prompt, enter 45e
    e. Next, go to Tools -> Extract.
    f. Point it to your nand.bin from the BootMii backup.
    g. Wait a while while it extracts files from your NAND.
    h. Once done properly, there should be new folder in the same folder that has your NAND.bin

    [SPOILER=3. Setup and Compiling]
    a. Unzip Sneeky Compiler and run SneekyInstaller. Install if necessary.
    b. Run SneekyCompiler.
    c. First we'll install all the needed stuff. When in the command prompt screen where it gives you a list of available commands. Type 1 and press enter. You'll be taken to menu to install things, enter the commands needed to install SlikSVN, DevKitPro and Python. To do this, enter the IS and press enter. Next, do IP and press enter. When they're done, enter IT and press IT.

    d. Now, we open SlikSVN from the install directory, then we grab the DIOS MIOS source code by doing;
    svn checkout dios-mios-read-only
    e. Now, go to the DIOS MIOS directory by using the CD command.
    cd directory/to/dios-mios/
    f. Once in there, build the source code by using;
    g. Watch for errors, if none occur and it makes successfully. A file called iosmodule.elf should be created. Copy it to your desktop.

    [SPOILER=4. Patching mIOS-v10]
    a. Open NUSDownloader.exe
    b. Go to Tools -> Retrieve a Common-Key Key.bin
    c. In the database, look for mIOS and choose v10.
    d. Click 'Start NUS Download' and allow it finish the download.
    e. A new folder should now be created in the same directory as NUSDownloader, in that folder is a file/folder called, copy it to the same directory as iosmodule.elf and MIOSInject.exe
    f. Once, MIOSInject.exe, iosmodule.elf and are all in the same directory, Open Command Prompt.
    g. CD into the directory with the three files, for example;
    cd C:\mIOS
    h. Once in the correct directory, do this command;
    MIOSInject.exe iosmodule.elf
    i. Once its done, delete the file.
    j. Next, rename the file to
    [b]Note: Usage for patching mios might vary with newer versions, check out Crediar's FAQ (here

    [SPOILER=5. Adding patched mIOS into NAND Backup]
    a. Right click the new and press Copy.
    b. Go to the folder that contains your nand.bin and open the second folder that has your NAND unpacked.
    c. In there go To Title -> 00000001 -> 00000101 -> content
    d. Paste the new in there so it will ask you to overwrite the old one. Say yes to all.
    e. Next, move all of the main folders of the unpacked nand directory into the main directory of an empty SD Card. (The folders in the same place with the title folder).

    [SPOILER=6. Preparing and building SNEEK]
    a. Open up SneekyCompiler.
    b. Press 2 and type GS.
    c.Then enter y and press enter.
    d. It will begin to download the source code for SNEEK.
    e. In the SneekCompiler directory, you will notice new folders, among these folders, there is a file called ES.c
    f. Open the ES.c file with Programmer's Notepad (Installled Earlier)
    g. Look for the lines that say;
      If (* titleID == 0x0000000100000100LL)
     / * = TitleID 0x0000000100000101LL;
    h. Uncomment then to look like;
    if( *TitleID == 0x0000000100000100LL )
        *TitleID =  0x0000000100000101LL;
    i. Close Programmer's Notepad and make sure to save the file!

    j. Back in the SneekyCompiler command line, type BS and hit enter.

    k. It should begin compiling, once done it should ask you to choose between several options, choose SNEEK + DI by pressing 2 and hitting enter.

    l. Once done, there should be a folder called COPY_TO_SD in the SneekCompiler directory. Open the COPY_TO_SD directory and copy all the folders and files inside it to the main directory of your SD Card.

    [SPOILER=7. Adding Gamecube games to HDD]
    a. Make sure to have a FAT32 formatted USB Device for loading games.
    b. Create a folder called games in the main directory of your USB device.
    c. Unzip the DiskEx archive you downloaded earlier.
    d. Place DiscEx.exe in the same directory of any Gamecube ISO.
    e. Open Command Prompt and change directory to the folder that contains discex.exe and the gamecube iso file.
    f. Once in there, do this command;
    DiscEx.exe game.iso
    Replace game with the name of the iso file. For exampe;
    DiscEx.exe Tales.of.Symphonia.iso
    g. In that same folder, a new folder should be created once DiscEx is 100% Done. Copy that folder into the games directory of your USB device.

    Once all's done. Load up SNEEK as usual with your USB Device and SD Card plugged in. In the menu, press '1' to bring up a menu with the list of Gamecube games and various settings. Once one is selected, it can be loaded through the Disc Channel.

    All done, again, DIOS MIOS currently has a low capability rate since it's in early stages of development. Check the list here.

    Crediar for DIOS MIOS, Sneek, MIOSInject and DiscEX.
    WB3000 for NUSDownloader
    Leathl for ShowMiiWads
    Special thanks to Cile.

    If I mess up anything or do anything wrong please let me know as its hard for me to confirm the SNEEK stuff since my Wii has been bricked for some time now with no way of repairs.
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    im trying this one out
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    Sorry, off topic: How did you brick your wii? You always write nice guides.
    Wii64/WiiSX Hard Drive Fix

    4.2u/ bootmii-boot2/ cfg usb loader v60/ Hermes Uloader 5.1D (for WW/VC)/ IOS 249 Rev 17/ IOS 222-223 v4/ IOS 224 v5.1/ 320gb Transcend HDD/ Darkwii System Menu Theme

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    Thanks shadow, your links for mIOSInject 0.1and DiscEX 0.6 are down.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    its been changed to 0.2 and 0.6b you can now get it pre-compiled by crediar

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    Sorry, should have mentioned I had the link...was just pointing out the links were down. Thanks though!
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovewiibrew View Post
    Sorry, off topic: How did you brick your wii? You always write nice guides.
    Was more than a year ago, before I even became moderator. Was messing around with my Wii and trying stuff. My Wii couldn't install bootmii/boot2, so it got fully bricked. Tried all kinds of stuff, since what I can do to repair it is limited by the fact that I live in the Caribbean so accessing some things are hard. Gave it to a guy to try, opened it myself and so on. Now it's just in a box.

    Also, thanks Stomp and Krank for pointing that out.

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    Links 3 and 4 return a 403 Forbidden error "Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/dios-mios/downloads/list from this server."

    Anyone know what happened or where I can get it? I already have bootmii as a boot2 and a nand backup so there is little to no chance of me messing something up.

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    Compiling Sneek

    I've posted this on gbatemp too but I haven't gotten any answers yet.

    I've used the complete softmod guide ( which perhaps disqualifies me from this thread.

    Here's part of my cmdprocess i'm by the stage where you type build_boot2.cmd. It's from a Swedish computer but most of it's in English.

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