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Thread: Problem with external hard drive.

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    Problem with external hard drive.

    Hi everyone.
    I have spent a good part of the day working on the Wii hack. I was using 4.3u and used the Smash Stack tutorial to install everything. I followed the instructions and everything seems to be working. The Homebrew Channel can load apps, and I've even downloaded some of the games from the app manager. It seems to work.

    I have a 500GB Seagate Desk HD that I have partitioned a portion into a WBFS partition. I used WBFS Manager to load the .iso files of my backup games onto it. When the USB HD is plugged in, I click the USB Loader installed during the Smash Stack hack, but it counts down to 30 and times out. It will not recognise the hard drive in any way.

    Can you help me figure out why this is happening?

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    please help to avoid clutter around the forum and direct your questions in the wbfs usb loading guide you were already following.
    Did you make sure you set up your drive correctly, set the wbfs partition active and primary?
    Is the HDD on the compability list?
    Did you try to plug the hdd in the wii when the loader is looking for it, or tried to select the wbfs partition on your own after the countdown is done?
    stick to the wbfs guide, re-read, re-do it if necessary
    good luck for now

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