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Thread: Wii Fit plus with Intec Action Board

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    Ca Wii Fit plus with Intec Action Board

    I am having issues interacting with Wii Fit plus with an Intec Action Board. The Wii Fit plus connects to the Intec Action Board just fine. When I step on the balance board to hula hoop, no matter how fast I turn my hip and lower legs, the hula hoop does not gain any speed resulting in a maximum of 3 loops. I am wondering if others have success hula hooping on the Intec balance board? Another issue is that the action board looses its connection from time to time and needs to be reset in the middle of the game.

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    wiifit plus with intec action board

    I am having the same frustrating problem of the board continually telling me that communications with the wii balance board have been interrupted. Please turn the power on. It is hard to get through even one exercise without it turning off and giving me this message. It happens most in activities where only one leg is in use, stepping on and off instead of use with constant contact with the board. I have had problems since day one, but recently, it has been getting out of hand not being able to complete an exercise. I am hula hooping just fine, but am having trouble with it letting me use the action to catch the rings.

    I have tried changing the batteries numerous times for fresh ones with no positive results.

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    Will give it one more chance. I am going to get the Intec board exchanged if it does not work. Wanna hula hoop so bad . . .

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    I called intec after hours last night, told them I was calling Alaska time. They called back at 6 a.m. and left a message that it sounded like my intec wii action board was defective, to send it back and they would replace it. I have to pay shipping to them, they pay shipping to ship the new one. Shipping will probably be 1/2 of what was paid for the thing (unless it will fit in a large flat priority box. At least they called me back, as soon as they opened. I was just hoping it would not be while I was sleeping at 6 a.m. They are open eastern starndard time from 9 till 5, so seems like I must have been one of the first calls. Give them a call and someone may be able to help you with the hula hoop issues and if yours is getting interupted as often as mine is, they will likely tell you to return it to them.

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    Had no problem to get my Intec board exchanged for a new one at Sources. Service at Sources is awesome. I only had the intec board ($39.99 on sale) for a week now. I was able to twist to the hula to my heat's content. Did also some training with Jillian Michaels. I did not use it long enough to tell whether there are connection issues . . .


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