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Thread: AUS 4.3e wii softmod ??

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    AUS 4.3e wii softmod ??

    hi all,

    i've got an AUS wii 4.3e & the original indiana jones lego game.
    i started following the softmod guide for 4.3e but there is only regions for JAP / USA / EUR on the first step.

    does anyone have a guide for softmod the AUS 4.3e???

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    Lmao, 4.3 e is 4.3 e
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    oddgriffin, your post is not making much sense to me, whats so funny?
    anything usefull to add?

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    i kind off see the funny bit lol but anyway rockcrawler69 AUS wii 4.3e the [ e ] stands for EUR bro so follow the softmod guide for EUR..

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    oooooohhhhhhhh! thanks much Johnny2good!!! i'll give it a go now.

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    HBC & Nand backup complete!!!!!! thanks Johnny2good, that 1 little piece of info made all the difference.

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    No prob M8


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