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Thread: Where to find cISO 249 update to version 20?

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    Question Where to find cISO 249 update to version 20?

    We download call of duty black ops and it didnt work, so we looked it up and it said we need to update out homebrew, and update cISO 249 (or ISO 249 im not completely sure how its called) to version 20, so we updated homebrew, but we cant figure out where or how to update cISO 249 to version 20, could anyone tell me where or how to find/do the update to get cISO 249 to version 20? and help would be appreciated.

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    We download call of duty black ops
    Wiihacks does not support piracy
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    Not sure why you download a backup when can easily obtain it from your original disc via a loader and your wii.
    Please direct questions regarding Call of Duty: Black Ops in this thread and do not create another thread about issues.
    Thread is closed - Keep the Forum Rules in mind as mentioned above wiihacks does not support piracy or cheating. You might choose better wording to avoid confusion about downloading and pircay. Thanks

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