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Thread: Wii Key or Wii Key v2?

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    Wii Key or Wii Key v2?

    Your opinions please.

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    depends off the drive xD
    if you can use a wiikey i would just pick that
    if you cant then i would use the wiikey 2

    if you want "better" it would be key2, since its more complex, can do slightly more...

    though in the end, wiikey 1 and 2 are basicly the same but 2 works on newer drives

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    Thanks for your answer. I finally got an straight answer. I've been looking at getting my Wii chipped but the seller/modder keeps reccommending the Wii Key v2 (which is an extra $50), but wouldn't tell me the specific differences.

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    well the wiikey is MUCH older, works on only OLDER systems, and was cheaply made but it was solid, they later came out with a update that worked on newer systems, and etc etc etc blah blah


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