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Thread: 4.3E still on homebrew channel and such

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    4.3E still on homebrew channel and such

    For some reason, I updated to the 4.3e, I have softmodded my Wii when I was on 4.2e before, have the latest homebrew channel and everything works exept wiiflow to play my backups, it is really anoying have to change discs all the time, I have about 40 games or so, and we switch pretty often here at home.
    NO I don't download games I actually support the game makers
    Will I be able to softmod it again somehow ? it is currently on IOS61 the 4.3e system

    have been searchin all over, would really appreciate help, or do I have to wait for the next version of hackmii to come out maybe ?

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    you'll need to follow the 4.3 softmod guide since the updated stubbed some cIOS's
    you won't have to follow all of the guide as you already have the hbc
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    THANK YOU VERY MUCH, found the guide here and now everything is back to as is again


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