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Thread: Need help with cover images for Configurable USB loader

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    Red face Need help with cover images for Configurable USB loader

    Ok, Im a girl, so maybe you guys will forgive the stupid newbi question?

    I paid a super smart wii hacker to install the homebrew channel and configurable usb loader onto my wii. I have about 250 games, and at least half of them dont have the cover image. I figure I know computers well enough to download the images and copy them over to my harddrive...if I knew what folder to put them in.

    Is there and Image pack or something that would allow me to download many images at once or am I stuck doing it all one at a time?

    Thanks, and dont least not too hard?!

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    Its really simple to do. As long as your Wii is already setup to access the net just boot up the configurable usb loader, hit the minus button once your in, got to global options, and click on download all missing covers. If you need more help just let me know.


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