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Thread: I'm stuck here with no thread title

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    I'm stuck here with no thread title

    I followed the 4.3 soft mod tutorial ( step by step, have all the apps that tutorial suggested (configurable usb loader, boot mii, back up disc channel) but I can't figure out what to do from there.
    I partitioned my external HDD, and I was able to dump Wii Sports onto the WBFS by using Configurable USB Loader on the Wii...but it keeps freezing every time it tries to back up Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I'm also trying to figure out how to play iso files through the HDD, the WBFS manager i have for Mac isn't recognizing my drive.

    Are there any custom wads, or ios files I should install first?

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    Id try formatting your hdd in fat32 as this will be recognised by your mac easier than wbfs.
    Check Kranks Fat32 Guide out.
    Iso files can be converted to wbfs format through wii back up manager (Sorry should have said you need bootcamp running to use this app). Im hoping these are your own game iso'.....
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    thanks narse, I followed one of the HDD guides...but it told me to format it in FAT (not FAT 32), I guess I'll reformat it to FAT32 now.
    I ended up booting into Windows, and that seemed to solve the iso issue. Thanks to everyone who made the guides, and who have responded to our questions.

    Narse, do you think this is all I need, or should i install any additional ciso's and wads to prevent any further issues?


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