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    USB hub

    Hi guys

    I tried searching the posts but came out empty, if anyone can advise or such, i need to know if i can use a USB HUB on the Wii and whats the MAX ports and also do i get a self powered or a or a usb powered hub ?

    Also can i then use any USB hub i can get from a PC store


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    I use a pounland USB hub with 4 ports and this is powered by the wii. I also have a external powered 4 port and that also works fine.
    Most USB hubs should work, and I'm not sure of any max ports but 4 should be plenty.

    You may want to search around a bit to lookup any hardware issues with a USB hub you want to buy but I'm pretty sure you should be fine.
    HDDs seem to have the major hardware compatability issues.

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