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Thread: Frag ios?

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    Unhappy Frag ios?

    Hello everyone. I recently installed cIOS249[57]-v19. Everything works perfectly but cfg loader displays "249 FRAG" when booting. Should i worry about this??

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    no, nothing to worry. It is an indicator for rev19 or rev20 also known as cIOSx.
    Good question for the chat, you may want to join that one next time before posting.
    Good luck in further modding your wii.

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    Thank you so much vinatec for answering so quickly my question. I am so relieved that there is no potential danger for my wii. God bless you!!

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    I am running CFG V65 FRAG 248 on mu 4.1U.
    Should I be running 249?. Is this why some of my games will not play?




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