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Thread: USB incompatibility

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    USB incompatibility

    I have a shadowsonic2 guide softmod wii, I use it with my external HD Hitachi 1TB ( neogamma R8 RC3 rev17 ios249). It works great ! thanks ! But I just softmodded my sister wii with the same guides but she bought a 2TB hitachi XL2000 and the loader won't recognize it. I try USB loader GX R938 and the HD was recognize but when I try to load any games , black screen. I have to do a hard restart.

    I've read on it and try version USB loader gx R785 but this version did not recognize the drive. I also try the latest neogamma and U loader without sucess.

    the HD was formated in ntsc and and then wbfs with the latest version of wbfs manager. I know the Hitachi XL2000 is not on the compatibility list, but does someone have any suggestion about what I should try.


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    If you followed the guide in my signature for usb loading exactly, if it's compatible it will work. Ensure you read the part about having the wbfs partition being the first partition, and make sure you mark it as active and primary. Just cause it's not on the list doesn't mean it's not compatible. It might not be, but you never know. The list is to show people what will for for sure.

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    I'm trying it at the moment, thanks for the quick response. I'll you if this fix the problem.

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    That was the problem, just do the thing by heart. Should have read your guide also. Thanks !!!

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    Glad you got it going!


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