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Thread: Need a little help

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    Need a little help

    Ok so I just got a Wiikey 2. I installed it right away, started it and used the config disk, everything went well until I put a burned game in by burning it onto a dvd with Alcohol 120. I got a bunch Off line.. Burned them to a disk with low speeds on 4x or 8x than put it in my Wii. I can see the games in the main menu with Mario Kart. I click start but after 2 min it says the disk could not be read. This couldn't be because of my soldering can it? I can see the games I burned so the chip is working right? Help!!

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    could be a few thing
    bad download
    i recently got House of the dead 2/3 and it shows in the disc channel but wont load at all, and gives a black or green screen *just saying it happens*
    could be a messed up chip
    could be messed up solder
    could be a disc issue

    i would desolder, then resolder the chip and see what happens

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    Can someone PM me a link to a good, known to work game download. Desoldering would be my last thing to try. It took me a long time to do it. Oh shit, out of solder too!

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    Well r u sure it could an issue with the soldering. Because I mean when i put a game in that I burned like lets say mario cart I can see in the menu mario cart for wii so i figured it would be with the games. I hope so

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    well house of the dead did it to me, and something is wrong with it, not me, but you said many games did this, and i dont really believe you got a 1:1 failure ratio

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    are you sure you are burning the games slow enough i burn at 4x but i have tried in the past to speed it up and i get the same issue as you i can see the game in disc window but comes up cant read disc

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    Maybe it's alcohol 120? I use that software for a lot of things but everything I read always points to Image burn for wii games. Just a thought and easier to try then desoldering.


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    Maybe the program, But also type of media you are using????

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    You guys were right I was burning it to fast i was using alcohol 120 but i couldn't burn any slower then 6x. So i downloaded imgburn burned the games i had at 4x speed and i be danged it worked!! Thats all it was was I was burning it to fast thanks guys.

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    Glad you got it worked out.


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