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Thread: Syscheck:failed to store tdm size for ios58

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    Syscheck:failed to store tdm size for ios58

    I've got a problem with syscheck, googled it but didn't find helpfull answer.
    When i run Syscheck 2.0.1 it stops after seconds with this line : failed to store tdm size for ios58
    I have a wii with 3.1E, HBC 1.0.8 and bootmii(made the NAND-backup) from hackmii 0.8, CFG USBloader v60.
    I also installed IOS57-64-v5918 and cIOS249(57)rev19.
    Can someone tell me what to do to get the syscheck working?
    TNX in advance.

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    Tnx Cile for the quick answer...
    Do i need to install the HBC again after installing the IOS58?

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    Thank You for helping

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