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Thread: Nintendo trying to force update

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    Nintendo trying to force update

    I have ver 4.2U and had softmod to play my backup disks. I finally went and got a usb drive as I was tired of burning disks and having my kids leave them all over the place. I managed to get that up and running yesterday thanks to the guide here. However I haven't moved everything yet, and when my son try's to play his new game, which I haven't made a backup image of yet, the game channel only gives him the option to do a system update which luckily he hasn't clicked on. I really do not want Nintendo upgrading my Wii, but still want to play the original disk as well, can anyone tell me how to keep the Wii from updating. As I mentioned the only option on the game channel is system update.

    Greatly appreciate the assistance.

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    Install priiloader (included in every softmod guide on this site) and block disc updates. Then it won't appear again.

    Blocking online updates might be smart also
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    I thought I had priiloader, I'll have to go back and check, I remember going through that yesterday when I was updating the softmod to allow usb. I was trying to find a way to block online updates, but didn't see that. Do you have more information on that?

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    you install priiloader
    go into the priiloader menu
    go to system menu hacks
    enable the hacks you want (block updates, maybe a few more)
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    I'm assuming the Priiloader screen is the screen that my Wii boots to instead of the usual default screen with all the channels. I have like four options (Wii, HBC, SD, and assuming the fourth is settings). However, I can not navigate the screen, and have been just rebooting to get into my normal wii screen with the channels. I have USB Loader and HBC set up as channels. This is how I've been accessing them, including the apps in HBC.

    Any suggestions?

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    that is bootmii and you cant use the wiimote with that

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    no that sounds like bootmii -backup the bootmii folder or rename it. Priloader menu looks like this when you hold down reset whilst powering on...

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    Link:Priiloader 0.4r78
    Put Hacks.ini in the root of your SD Card
    Here is a guide:Priiloader
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    Do I put the Priiloader in the apps folder, or put Priiloader folder at root?

    IN apps folder, I see that now.
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    When it says to edit the hacks.ini file. Becuase I have version 4.2U, does that mean I remove all the lines except for the ones that use 481?

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