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Thread: Cant Load bootmii to create nand backup

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    Cant Load bootmii to create nand backup

    Hi I have successfully softmodded my wii. Wii still works and am playing backedup games.
    However I cant get the bootmii screen to load up so that i can create a nand backup.
    when i switch it on without an sd card it just loads up normally.
    When I put the sd card in I get wii IOS installer screen up.
    If I try to load bootmii through HBC i get the IOS installer to.
    I am sure there is a simple answer to this that I am just not seeing.
    Thanks for any help you might give

    Hi again,
    Sorted thanks very much for the speedy replys worked a treat, I feel much better about it all now.
    Thanks alot
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    Do you have bootmii as ios or boot2?
    If you have it as ios check for the bootmii folder in the root of your sd card.In this folder should be 3 files : 1)armboot.bin 2)bootmii.ini 3)ppcboot.elf.
    You can always remove the bootmii folder from your sd card then run the hackmii installer trough the homebrew channel. then select bootmii and prepare sd card for bootmii (this put's the the files needed to run bootmii on your sd card).

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    if it don't help full format your SD card then copy again bootmii on your sd card and then try again opening from HBC >> Load BootMii
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