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Thread: Neogamma Driving me crazy!!!

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    Neogamma Driving me crazy!!!

    Hi. wondering if someone can please help me. I have burned some wii ISO with IMG burn. I put mario galaxy into the drive and it loaded just fine with neogamma v7. The problem is that when i put another burnt copy of another game in the drive, neogamma loads mario galaxy all the time no matter which game is in the drive. I can not load anything else. What am i doing wrong. I have version 4.1u with softmod and homebrew installed. Thanks!!!

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    sounds like u backed the same game a few times. try closing img burn down and re-opening it for every back up

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    the only way that is possible is if you burnt the same ISO again! Or if you have some sort of USB device attached that contains that ISO and Neogamma is loading from that.

    As already suggested, close Imgburn and reload it with a new ISO and try again

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    Thanks guys. Will try that.


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