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Thread: how to get buckups with ntfs

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    how to get buckups with ntfs

    i was wondering how i could load backups from ntfs using wii flow

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    I want to say that ntfs and wiiflow have issues... but don't hold me to it
    somebody else may know how to get this working though
    why not go fat32?
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    get wiiflow 2.2(r254) put the wiiflow folder on ntfs partition and your games

    make the wbfs folder and put the iso or .wbfs files with game id in there

    if you use this forwarder you can put the wiiflow boot.dol on ntfs partition too

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    I have been testing cfg with NTFS recently, works good so far. I agree that FAT32 is a better choice if you intend to use it for apps as well.

    You can follow the FAT32 guide to install games on your NTFS HDD...just make sure it's set to active in primary and follow the instructions for installing a backup loader then ripping to the HDD (if you are going to use cfg).
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