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Thread: Update list in Games?

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    Update list in Games?

    I'm relitively new to the hacking wii. So I'm sorry, I've owned it for 5 days now.

    1. Purchased it premodded just due to time and effort. Done my share of soldering already.

    2. Found it loaded with 3.1U.
    3. Installed homebrew ver 8.0

    4. downlloaded a bunch of apps for homebrew.

    5. Not sure if there has been a config disk run on this unit or not. And really not sure what to run to protect it. I've been reading alot, but I want to play it and not sure what games are good (free of updates). So if there is a list of games that contain updates. Can someone point me in the correct direction.

    6. Also haven't had to much time to find info on removing the update files in the ISO's of the backups. Do I have to replace the files with older version's??
    More information on where to find this info would be great. Program called WiiU or something like that.

    Anyway thank you for your help if you can.

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    5> they all do, just brick block, or boot in gecko OS

    6> boot the program, do what it says, and then call it a day, i recomend wii update manager, since it tell u all the details also give this a try

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    Man Thanks that is what I was looking for. Complete guide list right there.

    Thanks again.


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