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Thread: SD Cards Supported

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    SD Cards Supported


    I have a SanDisk 2GB class 2 that works fine, but I bought a Kingston 32GB class 6 and it freeze Wii menu after I reset with any game selected.

    What SD cards are you using with Wiikey fusion?
    Shouldn't it support 32GB sd cards? Does it work better with 16 Gb?


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    Same thing is happing to my console, most of my backups work on DVD, but when using the SD card, I select a game, it resets then it takes a few seconds and it will just freeze the wiimote and not load anything, I have even had the wiimote to vibrate non stop untill I take the batterys out.

    This is on a Wii with version 4.1E system menu and GC2-D2C (v1).

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    It has no softmods install as well

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    This is with Firmware version 1.4 for the wiikey fusion, and I tried 1.2 as well.

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    In my case, I have a 4.3U menu and D3-2 drive chipsets. This week I bought a Kingston 16GB class 4 and I had the same problem.... :-/

    Any alternative?


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