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Thread: Guitar Hero quirk

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    Guitar Hero quirk

    I have a question about a little quirk I am seeing when playing both guitar hero van halen and metallica editions: if I go and pick career mode, the game starts up and plays just fine, but if I try to go to quick play and select a set list, I am not able to push the + button and start playing. Nothing will happen. I did notice that if I select a song with the guitar unplugged, it will give me a warning that the guitar is missing, and after I plug it back in the song will start and I can play it. Has anyone else had this strange issue? Is there a chance my guitar is the problem? It's the one that came with guitar hero 3, so it has had it's fair share of playing time
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


    Sorry, guess I could have given a little bit more info! The wii 4.2 softmodded and im using configurable usb loader with cios 249 and Hermes v4 222 and 223 loaded. I've tried the game on all three, but still have the same issue.
    Thanks again for any help!
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    I have 2 guitars, one was giving problems like that. I took out the Wiimote and reinserted the Wiimote, make sure I re-reouted the wire that plugs into the Wiimote, and it worked fine after that. Maybe the connector wasn't making a good connection or a faulty wire was to blame.


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