Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime has told Kotaku that there isn't any need for a new Nintendo console at this point, and that once the Wii's installed base reaches 45 million in the US, he'll be more than pleased to start talking about "next generation".

When speaking with Kotaku after his talk during the BMO Capital Markets 18th Annual Digital Entertainment Conference in New York this week, he showed a chart indicating that Wii sold 23% faster PS2 has during the same amount of time. He also admitted that sales have slowed down a bit during Wii's third year on the market, but that it's hard to argue with over 30 million units sitting in homes across America.

“As we sit here today we’re saying the Wii has many, many more units to sell,” he said. “After we’ve reached an installed base of 45 million here in the US, we can have a conversation about the next generation.”

During his presentation at the conference, he said that holidays are more important to Nintendo than other manufacturers, as we reported on earlier this week.

He also cited official figures to point out that Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii were in first and second place in the US, with an installed base of 43.1 million and 30.4 million, respectively. Xbox 360 was in third with 21.9 million, PSP in fourth with 17.7 million and finally, the PS3 in last with 13.5 million.

To be honest, those are pretty respectable numbers all across the board. But even if everyone is doing well, someone has to be doing the best, as Reggie has been kind enough to point out.