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Thread: Oh god oh god, what have i done now?! I love my wi so much, but i think i bricked it!

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    Oh god oh god, what have i done now?! I love my wi so much, but i think i bricked it!

    OMG, OMG, OMG I THINK I JUST BRICKED MY WII!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP. I backed up my copy of black ops because i thought it would be faster to load from a hard drive instead of playing off a disc, and i couldn't get past the loading screen. Ok, so i'm going to try to be as detailed as possible now on everything i can remember doing. Ok, so i looked at the guide for softmodded usb loading, and so i figured i'd just install this, " cIOS 249 [57 Base] Rev 19 ". I went to the filesharing site thing, and i put it on my sd card. Before i did anything, i used bootmii to back up my nand, figuring i'd be safe if i screwed up on anything. Ok, so then i went to my loader, i use usb loader gx, and launched homebrew using it. Using homebrew, i launched wad installer, then using that i went to my sd card and i installed the "cIOS 249 [57 Base] Rev 19" file. But before i did that, on usb loader, i hadn't plugged in my external drive, so after thirty seconds, i just clicked the ios 224 button, and i plugged my external hard drive. So after i installed the wad, i tried to launch usbloader, and horror of horrors, there was just a blank screen....I pulled the power plug on my wii, plugged it back in, and i tried again, to no avail. Ok,so then i launched my neo gamma loader, mounted my usb loader, and tried to launch black ops, still stuck at the loading screen.... At that point, i was scared, so i just rebooted my wii into bootmii, and restored my previous nand. I tried to launch usbloader, and still, there was the black screen. IF ANYONE COULD HELP ME. PLEASE SOMEBODY, SAVE MY WII !!WHAT DO I DO NOW??!!

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    Read this post, it was addressed to you:
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    Try to use cfg usbloader. You usbloader gx probably needs to be updated to support the newer ios. Also, your not bricked, so this is the wrong forum section.
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