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Thread: Help installing unstubbed cIOS222 v4 or cIOS249 v9+

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    Help installing unstubbed cIOS222 v4 or cIOS249 v9+

    Originally my wii has been softmod'd (version 4.2U). I have been using neogamma v7 to play backup disks. I went and bought a usb drive to try and play games from there. I tried using USB loader GX to play games from the usb drive, but it says I need unstubbed cIOS222 v4 or cIOS249 v9+. I have tried using DOP-Mii (V12) on IOS36 and have no issues there, and completes successfully. However, I have not been able to successfully install a new cIOS using either Hermes cIOS222 installer or cIOS38r17. I am doing the install via network, which it says successful, until installing custom IOS, which i recieve the following error.

    Install Error! (ret = -1035)

    At this point I've done this so many times that I now cannot play my backup disks either.

    I do have HBC installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's just a wild guess but I'm putting money on the fact that you're not following one of our guides. Head over intro the intro section here to make a post to say hello and I will link you all the info you need.

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    try deleting the ios249 using AnyTitleDeleter Mod Link:AnyTitleDeleter Mod v6b DO NOT DELETE ANY IOS UNDER 200!

    EDIT: Also install the cIOS wads and use wadmanager1.7 or MMM
    Wads:Wanin And Hermes cIOS Wads
    Wad Manager 1.7:Wad Manager 1.7
    Multi Mod Manager 13.4:MMM 13.4
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