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Thread: Update to system

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    Update to system

    It's been about 6-8 months since I have updated my softmodded Wii, and the same amount of time since I've been following what's going on.

    I recall that I'm on the 4.0 menu, and as of then everything was up to date.

    If I would like to get the system updated, which would be the best tutorial to follow? I've seen things like Firmware Updater 4.3B, MMM_Pack.rar for the cIOS, etc, but just unsure of what to follow.

    As for what IOS I have installed, I have not figured that out yet.


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    Do not update your system menu --- period (at least to anything beyond 4.1). See this guide, should be tailor-made for you.

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    Loaded it up, had an issue with loading Priiloader (said something about an IOS, will try it again to get the number), but still having an issue with Family Game Night 3, where it will load, but the screen keeps on flippign up like the old horizontal hold. Any ideas is something will fix this?


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