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Thread: how to install backed up wii ware

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    Us how to install backed up wii ware

    hi i was just wondering how to install backed up wii ware i haved it backed up on my sd card but i want to install it again because i deleted it using anytitle deleter actdently and if go to system settings/wii/game saves it wont let me install it again. i even went to the wii shop channel to see if i can download it again but it doesnt let
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    plzzzzz help

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    triiforce might help here mate
    check this out

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    okay thanks for posting

    also is there a easyer way because it seems to complacted and im new to wii hacking
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    you shouldnt double post mate
    and this is a guide for uloader and is alot easier but has a lower compatability but it does work well

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    And in harmoded (drivekey) systems? Any way to do it?

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    yep soft mod and use one of the guides above mate

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    so you just copied the games to sd card through wii data management....

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    Am afraid it isn't going to work. Like Cile said, if it's copied through Data Management, both uLoader and Triiforce can't help out. Backing up WiiWare is best done via Blue Dump.


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