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Thread: D2c modchip question

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    D2c modchip question

    Hi guys i just need some help,im still on 3.3u firmware and theres few games that i cant play it just shows blank screen after hitting start coz i just normall brick block the iso and burn it to disc and it normally work from the past and thats the only method that i know,my question is is it safe to update it to 4.3u without messing up or bricking my wii? i already have a homebrew channel and few wads.....i just want the new kirby game to be playable on my wii thanks in advance

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    Wrong way to go about that. You probably need a missing IOS (if playing via hardmod from the disc channel). Games are IOS-dependent --- NEVER, EVER system menu dependent. You update like that, you'll kill your softmod and kill your ability to play out of region games on your hardmod at the same time.

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    so youre suggesting to stay on my current firmware right now which is 3.3u......can u please help me which ios should i add thru wad manager and link where can i download thanks in advance and thanks for your reply


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