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Thread: How to play .wbfs games Part 2

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    How to play .wbfs games Part 2

    Ok, so ive got my .wbfs file and I formatted my USB to FAT. I tried running it on USB Loader GX but it said that i need to partition it or something. Im a bit stuck as on Wii Backup Manager, once I converted the iso to .wbfs it wouldn't let me add the game to Drive 1, so i did this manually through my USB and i placed the game in the wbfs folder. Im really stuck please help!

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    would be good enough to have it in the other thread and wait there for an answer.
    gx is kind of old. use the mentioned loaders cfg usbloader or wiiflow and you shouldn't have problems.
    you should stick to the fat32 guide as it also says **FAT32 USB Loading will only work with Hermes cIOS222/223 or with cIOSx Rev 19 or 20**
    maybe you also need to update something as well.
    also join the chat for minor questions if you like, always helpful people around.
    good luck

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    Ok, so its just my loader? Kwl.

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    There was no need for another thread. Just stick to the original thread.


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