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Thread: DVD loading problems/errors

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    DVD loading problems/errors

    hello guys
    i'm having a problem with my wii, it doesn't play/read most of the DVD's
    first, i have a USB loader GX and ALL games are working perfectly

    but when i burn discs and try to launch them from neogamma (latest release) it always gives me an error
    my neogamma :Neogamma R9 b47, IOS249 (Rev 17)
    and i don't have DVDx i guess , could that be the problem ?

    i dont know if its from the neogamma, or my wii (a problem with the dvd drive or something)
    because i burnt about 9 games, and only 1 of them worked (crash nitro kart GC)
    but i gave those 9 games to my friends and they all worked using an older neogamma launcher
    its not only GC games thats not working, also the wii games
    i also burn them at slow speed 2x and using Sony Dvd's
    i tried using verbatim but still didnt work for me but worked for my friends
    these are some of the errors i get from neogamma :
    DVD read error 1167
    DVD no disc (n)
    read error 1208
    wrong game ID
    and some more

    also, i bought this wii from about 2 years ago, and it was hardmodded
    but after i softmodded it by sometime, it stopped launching games from Disc Channel

    so i hope you help me guys because i wanna play gamecube games and some other wii games

    P.S : my old burned wii/gc games works fine with my wii (burned from about a year ago), but the new games that i burn are not working

    Thank you

    (Sorry if this wasn't the right forum )
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    I am having a similar problem. I'm getting "DVD Err(1208), Disc ID" message on NeoGamma R9 b47 IOS249 (Rev 14) on backups that have previously worked. I have recently modded to play gamecube backups and those, as well as my wii backups, have worked great until about an hour ago. Now none of my wii or gamecube backups load at all. My wii is 4.2u... S#LU31... soft modded... games on dvd-r... good iso's... worked great until recently. Suggestions?

    New Info: just popped in a game and it worked. I took it out, tried a few more and they did not work. Then I put the first game in again, the one that worked, and now it does not work. WTF?
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    looks that it's not only me >.<

    what i think is that my mod chip is no longer working somehow (i don't really want it anyway) but my OLD backups that were working before are still working, but the newer one's i burn from the PC aren't working, yeah you would say you are not burning it right but the games that i burnt and didn't work for me actually worked with my friends (softmodded)

    thanks and hope someone helps us
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    Quote Originally Posted by wii the people View Post
    New Info: just popped in a game and it worked. I took it out, tried a few more and they did not work. Then I put the first game in again, the one that worked, and now it does not work. WTF?
    x_X ... i think that this means that there is a problem with the dvd drive laser/reader
    it looks that we both have a sucking wii dvd readers (or whatever they are called)
    well for me i guess this what happened too, because i was playing DVD backup's from about 2 years so i guess that they are not working well now :S
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    wii the people, this happened to me too today
    mario galaxy 2 was in the wii and when i opened the wii i saw its icon in Disc Channel and it worked
    but i tried other games and they didn't work and mario galaxy 2 didn't work after that too >.<
    looks that somehow we have the same problem

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    I read somewhere on here to lay the wii horizontally and that seems to have worked. Thanks whoever suggested that. Sorry I can't remember your name.

    EDIT: It was Krank. Thank you Krank!
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