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Thread: How to access Wad Manager on 4.3U

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    How to access Wad Manager on 4.3U

    I just hacked my wii using MauiFrog's guide for a softmodded 4.3U system. I am now trying to install a forwarder channel for WiiFlow but I can't figure out how to access the Wad Manager to install the wad file. Can someone please let me know where to go.

    ALso, my cousin hacked my own personal wii on the 4.3U menu, and in my HBC I have a priiloader app. How do I get this priiloader app on this other wii that I have hacked??

    thanks for any help, I have searched these forums for days and haven't been able to find my answer due to the volume of posts saying wad, manager, prii loader, etc.

    ed parker

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    SD/USB:/apps/wad manager/boot.dol

    when you install official ios and channels you can use any ios

    when your installing fake signed content you have to use 36,249,250,247,236 since you used mauifrog's guide

    easy you put the sd card in the other wii and run the installer

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    Start here. It might help clearing up your confusion.


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