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Thread: Is it possible to softmod a playstation 2 like thw Wii?

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    Is it possible to softmod a playstation 2 like thw Wii?

    Hello. I know this site is all about the wii, but i have heard alot of talk about people successfully soft modding their playstaion 2 just like the wii. Is this possible?

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    Don't you think I have searched the net. This seems to be the best and most safe place so far to get info. Hard to trust other sites and what google sometimes comes up with.

    I have been told a few times on here to stick with this forum for any questions. SO i have! You are the only person so far that has wanted to RE- direct me out of this forum. Everyone else has been great!

    A simple YES or NO would have been sufficient enough! lol Have a good one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoostinOnline View Post
    hahahahahaha, this is beautiful...........if only i knew how you did it lol

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    Just type in Let me google that for you in your adress bar and type in what was failed to be searched.

    Results? Epic Ownage =o

    And yes there is, look in the Afterdawn forums

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    Thank you everyone!

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    To be fair to the OP there is other sections on this forum dedicated to other consoles other than the Wii, so it was a valid question that could be answered in that section. So the simple answer woud be to have asked the OP to ask in those relevant sections on this forum.

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